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UNSC Response on Cheonan Likely to Take Time
2010-06-30 Updated.
The nation’s top nuclear envoy says it will take some time for the U.N. Security Council to come up with countermeasures for the sinking of the “Cheonan” naval ship.

Wi Sung-lac made the statement to reporters Tuesday after a meeting with U.S. Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg and Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell in Washington.

Wi added that a joint statement issued by leaders at the G-8 summit last week on the sinking of the Cheonan will serve as a basis for discussions at the Security Council.

On the U.S. and China showing differences of opinion on how to handle the naval incident, Wi stressed the need to continuously seek diplomatic efforts and the need to wait patiently as parties continue to address the naval incident at the Security Council.