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[Exclusive] N. Korean Taekwondo Official Defects from China Office

[Exclusive] N. Korean Taekwondo Official Defects from China Office

In an exclusive report, it has been confirmed that another high-ranking official of North Korea’s trade representatives in Shenyang, China recently defected from the regime.

A source familiar with activities of North Korean missions overseas confirmed to KBS on Thursday that the official was dispatched to the Chinese city by the International Taekwondo Federation(ITF) under the North’s sports ministry. 

The North Korean is said to have escaped from the regime late last month with two of his family members.The detailed routes the North Korean official took for defection are yet to be confirmed. 

The official had been in charge of the North’s Taekwondo demonstration team, tasked with arranging overseas projects or procuring goods for the team.

The North’s ITF earns more than ten-thousand U.S. dollars from each overseas tour by the demonstration team. The official in question was known to have run away with 130-thousand dollar proceeds from the team.

Following the official’s defection, the North’s Consulate General in Shenyang launched a massive inspection on its employees.

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