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Stray Kids-Lalalala [Music Bank] | KBS WORLD TV

Stray Kids' 'Rock-Star' EP boasts an enticing array of eight tracks, including the Korean rendition 'Social Path' and two versions of '락 (LALALALA),' born from their recent collaboration with Japanese singer LiSA. What sets this musical journey apart is the hands-on involvement of 3RACHA, a sub-unit featuring the creative prowess of Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han. These members, serving as the main architects behind Stray Kids, contribute as both writers and producers to craft each song with meticulous detail.

Accompanying the EP's announcement is the 'Prologue' clip, a visual narrative that immerses viewers in the pre-performance emotions of a young trumpeter gearing up for a band performance. Rappers Felix and Bang Chan lend their voices to the narrative, with Felix's calming demeanor contrasting Bang Chan's more intense and theatrical delivery.

As the stage draws near, Bang Chan whispers dramatically, "The anxiety is something we create ourselves." In a counterbalancing act, Felix reassures, "We believe that you'll excel if you can transcend these emotions and truly savor these moments." This delicate interplay of emotions and artistic expression weaves a captivating tapestry throughout Stray Kids' 'Rock-Star' EP.

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