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KBS WORLD TV YouTube | HOT Video Clip of the Week (February 12th-February 19th)


NMIXX- Run For Roses [Music Bank] | KBS WORLD TV 

The hottest clip of the week is NMIXX with their latest track, “Run For Roses!” "Run For Roses" by NMIXX stands out as a lively track that skillfully leverages the group's vocal prowess. It provides a refreshing shift, catering to those eager for more harmonious vocals and less assertive delivery from NMIXX. The song undergoes a rustic transformation, drawing inspiration from country music.

Embracing a melismatic singing approach, "Run For Roses" incorporates pleasing vocal runs at its core. It builds up to a climactic power note, adding a touch of drama that leads seamlessly into the finale. NMIXX rises to the occasion with infectious confidence. The track adeptly navigates between theatrical highs and subdued sing-talk, injecting dynamism that sustains engagement.

The lyrics of "Run For Roses" deliver a powerful message of solidarity, resilience, and determination. The metaphor of running for roses symbolizes confronting challenges together. The artists convey a spirit of strength, encouraging listeners to unite and face their journey hand in hand. Themes of perseverance, ambitious dreams, and overcoming obstacles pervade the lyrics, creating an anthem that fosters camaraderie and empowerment. The song's energetic and uplifting tone aligns seamlessly with its message of chasing a brighter future, symbolized by the pursuit of roses.

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