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Three Bold Siblings (7) 그러다 큰 코 다친다


현정: 넌 싫은 걸 왜 남더러 하라고 해.
Why do you make others do what you don’t want to do?
상민: 김태주는 할 줄 알았지.
I thought Kim Tae-joo would do it.
현정: 함부로 새언니한테 까불지 마. 너 그러다 큰 코 다친다. 태주씨 마냥 순둥순둥한 사람 아니야. 강단 있고 예의 바른 사람이지.
Don’t mess around with your sister-in-law. You’ll pay for it one day. Although she may seem like it, Tae-ju isn’t just gentle and nice. She is a polite person with determination.
갑분: 그래, 이제 손윗 사람한테 너도 예의를 지켜.   
Yes, it’s time you’re more respectful to your elders. 

Expression of the Week
그러다 - an abbreviated form of ‘그렇게 하다가’ which means “if you keep acting in that manner”
큰코다치다 [v.] pay dearly, To be awfully disgraced or humiliated.
polite/semi-polite – 그러다 큰 코 다쳐요. 그러다 큰 코 다칩니다. 

>>This expression is used to warn someone that if they continue to behave as they are doing now, they will have to pay for it, or they will be sorry for what they did in the future. 
>>’큰코다치다’ is usually used to warn someone that they will be humiliated in the future for their insincere, belittling, or unfaithful actions. 
>>’~다가’ from ‘그러다’ is usually used to suggest that if the events of the previous clause continue, bad results will occur. For example, ‘그렇게 빨리 가다가 넘어진다” means you will fall if you go so fast. 

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