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Three Bold Siblings (6) 정신 차리세요!


무영: 나한테 정신 차리라고 얘기 좀 해 주세요. 난 나이도 많고, 딸도 있고 또 .....
Just tell me to snap out of it! I’m old, I have a daughter, and…

소림: 정신 차리세요!
Snap out of it! 

무영: 네, 노력하고 있습니다....
Yes, I’m trying. 

소림: 정신 차리고, 솔직해져 봐요.
Come to your senses and be a little honest with yourself. 

무영: 선생님이야말로 정신 차리세요. 앞으로 즐거운 일기만 쓰라고 했잖아요.
You need to come to your senses. You told me to only write about happy events in my diary.

소림: 신무영씨이랑 같이 있는 게 즐거운 일기가 될지도 몰라요.
Spending time with Shin Moo-young might be a happy entry in my diary.

Expression of the Week
정신(精神) [n] mind, the power of feeling, thinking about, or judging something.

차리다 [v] come to one’s senses, To recover one's energy, consciousness, etc.

informal/casual – 정신차려! 

>> This expression is used to remind others to think or act properly when they are in a state that seems unusual or abnormal.

>>Here, 정신 is talking about the ability to feel, think and judge things. So, this expression is used when talking to someone who is thinking, saying, or doing something they would not do under normal circumstances, reminding them to be able to discern between right and wrong.

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