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Three Bold Siblings (5) 병주고 약 주네


갑분: 빌라 입구에 서 있길래 내가 들어오라고 했지.
I saw them standing out front so I told them to come in.

태주: 어머닌 좀 어떠셔? 내가 혈압이라도 좀 재 드릴까? 용실이가 비타민 수액도 가지고 왔거든.
How is your mother? Should I take her blood pressure? Yong-sil brought a vitamin IV drip.

상민: 아... 뭐야 진짜 병 주고 약 주네. 우리 엄마가 누구 때문에 스트레스 받아서 쓰러졌는데!
What… are you giving the disease and offering the remedy? Who do you think gave my mom so much stress she collapsed?

갑분: 아니, 뭐, 쓰러졌어? 엄마가 쓰러졌어? 
What? Collapsed? Your mom collapsed?  

Expression of the Week
병 주고 약 주네.  (giving the disease and offering the remedy)

병(病) [n] disease, illness; The abnormal state of a living organism's body that hinders normal activities and causes pain
약(藥) [n] medicine; medication; pill; drug; A substance orally administered, applied or injected to treat or prevent an illness, wound, etc.
Semi-polite/polite – 병 주고 약 줘요? 병 주고 약 주네요

>> [병 주고 약 준다] is a proverb describing the actions of a deceptive or duplicitous person who would first cause harm and then offer a remedy in order to appear like the rescuer.

>> It is similar to the English expression “to carry fire in one hand and water in the other”

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