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It's Beautiful Now (5) 선 넘지 마라


수재: 형들은 관심 없었잖아. 그리고 쉰내 나면서 어디 가서 갑자기 결혼할 여잘 구하냐? 
You both weren’t interested. And you both reek of old age. 
How are you going to suddenly find a woman to marry you?
윤재: 야, 너 선 넘지 마라, 이수재. 너 형이 적극적으로 안 나서서 그렇지. 나서잖아, 그럼 내가 3개월 안에도 그냥 데리고 올 수 있어. 
Hey, you’re crossing the line now! I wasn’t searching actively until now. If I do, I could bring home a bride in three months! 
현재: 개뻥 좀 치지 마! 형 성격에 어떻게 3개월 안에 여잘 데려와? 나라면 몰라도!
Don’t kid yourself! Bring a woman to marry in three months with 
your personality? It would be a different story if it was me!

Expression of the Week
선 넘지 마라 (don’t cross the line)

선(線) [n.] line, a border or line drawn horizontally or vertically.
넘다 [v.] cross, to go across a boundary.

Semi-polite/polite – 선 넘지 마세요 

>> This expression is used by a person to express displeasure at someone who has said something impolite or reckless, despite not being in a position or situation to say anything  
>> In other words, the “line” in the expression is a certain limit or boundary a person must observe in social settings to be polite 
>> In the dialogue, the younger brother is crossing the line by saying his older brother is too old be attractive enough to find a mate 

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