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It's Beautiful Now (1) 불난 데 부채질 한다

#Drama Lines l 2023-07-31

혜영: 그걸 정신승리라구 하는 거예요. 형님은 아셨어요? 
윤재 현재가 저렇게 결혼도 못하구 속썩일지.
That's called a mental victory. Did you imagine? Did you think that 
Yoon-jae and Hyun-jae would stay single and cause a headache? 
경애: 그게 무슨 속썩이는 거야. 나 아무치두 않아. 결혼은 맘만 먹으면 하는거야. 우리 애들이 눈이 높아서 그래!  
That's not causing a headache. I'm fine. They can get married when they want. It’s because they have high standards. 
혜영: 남자구 여자구 때 놓치면 힘들어요. 내가 아는 집은 아들이 육십까지 장가를 못가서 구십된 엄마가 환갑잔치 해주게 생겼어요.
Whether it’s a man or woman, if they miss their timing, it’s hard to get married. This one family I know, their son didn't get married until he was 60 and it looks like his 90-year-old mom will have to throw him his 60th birthday party. 
경애: (생각) 불난 데 부채질 잘한다!  
She sure is adding fuel to the fire!  

Expression of the Week
불난 데 부채질 한다 (add fuel to the fire)

불나다 - v. burn; be on fire; to catch fire and burn
-데 - a bound noun meaning a place or location 
부채질 - n. fanning; the act of stirring up wind by moving a fan, a large piece of paper, etc. 

Semi-polite/polite – 불 난 데 부채질 하네요

>> This expression is an idiom used when someone does or says something that makes a miserable situation even worse. When you fan a fire, it becomes bigger, which is where the expression comes from to make a situation worse. 
>> The expression is usually used when someone says something that doesn’t help the person in a negative situation, and it rather infuriates them. 

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