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When the Camellia Blooms (15) 딱 보면 알아요

#Drama Lines l 2023-07-10

정숙: 할머니가 우리 필구 잘 지내나 보고만 가려 그랬지, 비밀로.
I just wanted to see if my Pil-gu was doing well, secretly. 
필구: 할머니 왜 우리 집 안 오는데요?
Why aren’t you coming to my house anymore?
정숙: 왜. 할머니 엄청 보고 싶었어?
Why, did you miss me?
필구: 엄마가 할머니 기다려요.
Mom’s been waiting for you. 
정숙: 엄마가 그래?
Did your mom say that?
필구: 엄마가 할머니 좋아해요.
Mom likes you. 
정숙: 엄마가 그래? 할머니 좋대?
Did she say that? Did she say she likes grandma? 
필구: 그냥 내가 딱 보면 알아요.
I just know. I can see it
정숙: 아, 엄마가 그런 건 아니구나.
Ah, she didn’t say it.

Expression of the Week
딱 보면 알아요 (I can see it)

딱 – an adverb meaning in a manner of one quitting something decisively or acting boldly.

Casual – 딱 보면 알아 

>> This phrase is used to indicate that even though someone else hasn't told you anything in advance, or even if you don’t know anything about something, you know for sure when you see it.  
>>In the dialogue, Pil-gu is saying that although his mother has never directly expressed it, it is clear to him that she likes her mom through her usual actions or words. 

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