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When the Camellia Blooms (14) 헛소리 하지 말고

#Drama Lines l 2023-07-03

향미: 언니는 세상이 막 밝아요? 막 그렇게 보들보들해?
언니나 나나 인생 도찐개찐인데 왜 그렇게 혼자 곱냐고.
Is the world bright to you? Is it cozy and soft?
You and I are in the same position, but why are you so lovely.
동백: 헛소리 하지 말고. 내가 시급 올려줄 테니까 너 적금 들고 저금도 해.
Stop talking nonsense. I’ll raise your hourly rate so you should sign up for an installment savings plan and save up.
향미: 그 시급 올려서 뭐. 집도 사고 가족도 사요?
What will raising my hourly wage do? Will it buy a house and family?

Expression of the Week
헛소리 하지 말고 (stop talking nonsense)

헛소리 – n. nonsense; absurd words, unreliable words uttered without any substance

Semi-polite – 헛소리 하지 말고요  

>> This phrase is used when the other person is saying something that doesn't make sense and you want them to stop saying it.
>>”헛” in “헛소리” is added in front of some nouns to add the meaning of “futile”, “impractical” or “fruitless”. “소리” means words or something expressed with one’s voice to convey a thought or feeling. In other words, “헛소리” is useless talk that has no substance.  
>>In the dialogue, Dong-baek is telling Hyang-mi to get a hold of her life by making a savings account and making monthly installment payments, while Hyang-mi seems to be cynical of the advice.

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