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When the Camellia Blooms (8) 사정이 있었겠지



동백: 엄마. 나는 엄마 덕분에 진짜 더럽게 못 살았어. 학교 때는 고아라고 왕따, 다 커서는 부모 없이 자란 애라고 다 내가 싫대.

나는 엄마 덕분에 재수 없는 년으로 살았지만,

난 그냥 그러려니 했어. 엄마도 사정이 있었겠지 했지.

Mom. I really lived a wretched life because of you. I was ostracized in school because I was an orphan. Now that I’ve grown they don’t like me because I grew up without parents.

Although I lived an unlucky life thanks to you,

I just let it pass. I thought you must have your own troubles

Expression of the Week

사정이 있었겠지 (must have your own troubles)

사정 – n. situation; circumstances; the situation or reason for an incident 

-겠- - an ending of a word referring to a future event or assumption 

Semi-formal/polite – 사정이 있었겠죠  

>> This expression is used by a speaker to indicate that they think the other person may have had their own reasons for not fulfilling a promise, making things go wrong, or allowing a negative outcome to happen.

>>In the dialogue, Dong-baek is saying that although she lived a difficult life because of her mom, her mother probably didn’t mean it and must have had her own reasons 

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