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When the Camellia Blooms (6) 첫눈에 반했고요

#Drama Lines l 2023-05-08


소장: 너... 걔 땜에 그러는구나?

You’re acting this way because of…her?

용식: 뭐요, 또 누구요.

What, now who?

소장: 너. 헬레나 봤지? 나 촉 좋아.

You met Helena, right? I have really good nose for those things. 

용식: 소장님. 저 동백 씨 좋아해요.

I like Dong-baek.

소장: 뭐?


용식: 첫눈에 반했고요, 하루에 열 번씩 찍고 있고요, 온 동네가 다 알아요.

I fell in love at first sight. I’m trying to win her over every day. The whole town knows.

소장: 아니 니 엄마도 이 사태를 아셔?

And your mom knows about this?

소장: 아시는구나. 아셔... 아시니께 엘보를 쓰시지.

Ah, she knows. She knows. That’s why she’s using the elbow. 

Expression of the Week

첫눈에 반했고요 (fall in love at first sight)

첫눈 – n. first impression; first sight; a feeling or impression from the first encounter

반하다 – v. to be attracted; be enchanted 

Casual – 첫눈에 반했어  

>> We usually use the verb ‘반하다’ in the form “00에 반하다.” 

>> In the dialogue, “첫눈에 반하다” means being drawn or attracted to something or someone completely even after seeing them for the first time.

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