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When the Camellia Blooms (5) 아는 척하지 마요

#Drama Lines l 2023-05-01


용식: 저기, 필구야.

딴 사람은 몰라도 니가 싫다면 나도 안 할게.

Yong-sik: Look here, Pil-gu. 

I don’t know about others, but if you say no, I won’t do it. 

필구: 우리 가게도 오지 말고요, 오락실에서도 아는 척하지 마요.

Pil-gu: Don’t come to our store, and don’t act like you know me at the arcade. 

용식: 나도 너만할 때 울 엄마 지킨다고 골이 터지는 줄 알았거든?

넌 쪼그마난 게 맨날 니 엄마 지킨다고 얼마나 고생하는지 아는데,

내가 왜 니 그 콩알만한 가슴팍에다가 불을 지피겠냐.

Yong-sik: When I was your age, I always got headaches from trying to protect my mom. 

I know how hard it is for you to try to protect your mom. Why would I set your small heart on fire and make you angry?

필구: 점수 따려고 거짓말 치지 마요.

백두할머니는 지켜줄 필요가 없는데 왜 지켜요.

Pil-gu: Don’t lie to me trying to earn my trust. Grandma Baekdu doesn’t need to be protected, why would I protect her?

Expression of the Week

아는 척하지 마요 (don’t act like you know me)

척하다 – an auxillary verb used to indicate that one is pretending to do something or to be something

Casual – 아는 척하지 마 

>> This expression is used when you already know the other person, but you want them to act as if they don't know you.

>>In the dialogue, Pil-gu wants Yong-sik to act like he doesn’t know him when they run into each other at the arcade. 

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