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When the Camellia Blooms (4) 사람 일 두고 봐야 되는 겁니다



용식: 저도요, 다이애나비가 살아온대도 임수정이 나 좋다고 덤벼도요...

Yong-sik: Me, too. Even if Princess Diana comes back alive, or actress Im Soo-jung says she likes me. 

동백: 누구요?

Dong-baek: Who?

용식: 이 이 이 임수정이요.

Yong-sik: Im…Im Soo-jung.

동백: 임수정이 왜 그러겠어요?

Dong-baek: Why would Im Soo-jung say that?

용식: 어쨌든 동백씨랑 안 바꿔요.

Yong-sik: Nevertheless, I would never leave you for her.

동백: 내가 뭐 자기 건가,,,

Dong-baek: Do I belong to you or something?

용식: 사람 일 두고 봐야 되는 겁니다.

Yong-sik: You never know what will happen.

Expression of the Week

사람 일 두고 봐야 되는 겁니다 (You never know what will happen)

두고 보다 – idiomatic expression meaning to leave and watch; wait and see

-겁니다 – abbreviated form of 것입니다

Casual – 두고 봐야 되는 거야 

>> This expression is used to indicate that when it comes to people, we won't know what the outcome will be until some time has passed. 

>> It means that we can't make assumptions about the outcome based on the past or the present, so we'll have to wait and see how things turn out.

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