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When the Camellia Blooms (3) 얼굴이 활짝 폈어



준기네: 동백아 예뻐졌다.

Dong-baek got prettier. 

백반: 어이구야 커튼도 걷었네. 구르프도 말았는가베.

Oh, she’s lifted the curtains. She must have put rollers in her hair.

준기네: 응 얼굴이 활짝 폈어.

Yeah, her face looks brighter.

동백: 저 어제 잠을 잘 못 자서 좀 거칠한데...

I’m a bit haggard because I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

준기네: 잠을 못 잤어? 잠을 왜 못 잤어?

You didn’t get enough sleep? Why not? 

떡집: 아이고 이게 말이 댜? 총각이 애 딸린 여자를 왜 만나.

왜? 나는 드라마 얘기하는 겨.

아니 이게 현실적으로 가능키나 한가 말이지.

남자가 하자 아니면 여자가 김칫국이지.

Does this make sense? Why would a single man see a woman with a child? What? I’m talking about a drama. Is it realistically possible? The guy must have something wrong with him, or the woman is getting ahead of herself.

Expression of the Week

얼굴이 활짝 폈어 ((her) face looks brighter)

활짝 – adv. in full bloom, a word describing the state of a flower being in full bloom

피다 – v. blossom, for a flower bud, leaf etc. to open

Casual – 얼굴이 활짝 폈어

Semi-polite/formal – 얼굴이 활짝 폈어요

>> This expression is used to indicate that the other person's face is looking healthier, livelier or prettier because of a healthy flush returning to their face. 

>>The face is likened to a flower, with the expression meaning that a person’s face looks healthy with a glow, just like a flower bud blossoming beautifully. 

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