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When the Camellia Blooms (2) 말이 씨가 된다



용식: 역장! 역장!

기차 한번 시원하게 몰아보고 싶으신 거예요?

Stationmaster! Stationmaster!

Do you want to take the train for a spin? 

동백: 제가 기차를 왜 몰아요.

Why would I drive a train?

용식: 그럼 이 중에 어떤 걸로 진로를...

Then which one do you want as a career?

동백: 안 가르쳐줘요.

I’m not telling you. 

용식: 저기 동백씨 말이 씨가 된다고요

꿈이란 것도 계속 말을 해야 이루어지고요.

그리고 진짜 비밀은 생판 모르는 남한테 터놓는 거래요.

Dong-baek, what we say out loud can come true. 

Dreams only come true if you keep talking about them.  

And, they say real secrets should only be told to complete strangers. 

동백: 누가요?

Says who?

용식: 황용식이가요.

Me, Hwang Yong-sik.

Expression of the Week

말이 씨가 된다 (What we say out loud can come true)

씨 – n. (used figuratively) a source from which something can grow in the future 

Casual – 말이 씨가 된다고 VS Semi-polite/formal – 말이 씨가 된다고요 

>> This is a Korean idiom that figuratively states that something you’ve always said like a habit can actually result in something happening.

>>The idiom is usually used in a negative way, saying something you keep saying can result in something negative happening so one should take caution. 

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