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When the Camellia Blooms (1) 그럴 수도 있잖아요



동백: 저희 가게 술집이에요. 술집 동백.

My store is a bar. It’s called Camellia. 

준기네: 그럼 뭐 남편이랑 같이...

바깥양반이랑 같이 뭐 호프집 같은 거, 그런 거 하는겨?

So, you’re running it your husband? Is it like a pub?

동백: 아니요... 혼자 해요.

No… I run it myself. 

준기네: 혼자여? 남편은 뭐하고 혼자 해여?

Alone? What does your husband do, then? 

떡집: 아, 프라이버시여.

Ah, it’s a personal matter. 

동백: 남편 없어요.

I don’t have a husband. 

준기네: 남편이 없어? 아...뭐 갈라섰어? 아니믄 과부여?

No husband? Did you split up? Or, are you a widow?

동백: 저 미혼이에요.

I’m single.  

준기네: 아 처녀여? 애는 뭐여 애는. 아 조카야?

You’re single? What about the child? Ah, a nephew?

동백: 아니요. 제 아들이요.

남편은 없는데 아들은 있을 수 있잖아요. 뭐 그럴 수도 있잖아요.

No. He’s my son. You can be without a husband and still have a son. 

These things happen.

Expression of the Week

그럴 수도 있잖아요? (These things happen)

그렇다 – adj. so; as such; like that; having the same state, appearance, characteristic as previously mentioned

~도 – postpositional particle used to indicate an addition or inclusion of another thing to something that already exists

Casual – 그럴 수도 있잖아

Semi-polite/formal – 그럴 수도 있잖아요

>> This expression is used to say that the same thing or situation previously mentioned could be true. 

>>In the dialogue, Dong-baek is telling the other that having a son without a husband is something that can happen. 

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