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Young Lady & Gentleman (10) 사람을 뭘로 보고



영국: 왜요?

Young-guk: What is it? 

단단: 회장님 목소리가 아직도 삐치신 거 같은데

제가 아까 미는 바람에 뽀뽀 못 해서 삐치신 거예요?

Dan-dan: You still sound upset. Are you still upset that you couldn’t kiss me because I pushed you?

영국: 이...이거 봐요 박선생! 지금 사람을 뭘로 보고! 

내가 그래서 그런 게 아니라 박선생이 날 미는 바람에 넘어져서 

나 하마터면 꼬리뼈 부러질 뻔했다구요!

Young-guk: What…Ms. Park. What sort of person do you think I am? 

It’s not that, but I fell because you pushed me and I almost broke my tailbone!

단단: 죄송해요. 사실은 아까 너무 당황해서 애들이 볼까봐 저도 모르게 

아까 회장님이랑 저랑 그러다 들킬 뻔했잖아요.

Dan-dan: I’m sorry. I was so flustered and worried the kids might see. I didn’t realize…

We almost got caught doing that. 

영국: 알았어요 알았어. 아까는 상황이 급박했으니까 내가 이해하고 넘어가죠. 

Young-guk: I know, I know. It was an urgent situation, so I understand. 

Expression of the Week

사람을 뭘로 보고 (What sort of person do you think I am?)

사람 – referring to myself in 3rd person 

뭘 – abbreviated form of “무엇을” 

Casual – 사람을 뭘로 보고

>> This expression is used by a speaker to express displeasure with what the other person said, especially when the comment seems absurd or disrespectful. 

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