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Young Lady & Gentleman (6) 그런 말이 어딨어요?

#Drama Lines l 2023-02-06


영국: 내가 아무래도 박선생 만나는 거 아직은 자신이 없는 거 같아요. 

Young-guk: I don’t think I’m ready to see you earnestly. 

단단: 왜요?

Dan-dan: Why not?

영국: 내가 박선생보다 나이도 많고. 여러 가지로...

Young-guk: 그리고 또 우리가 만나는 거 주변에서 알게 되면

뭐라고들 할까 걱정도 되고.

나는 괜찮지만 혹시나 박선생이 상처 받을 수도 있고 그래서.

Well, I’m older than you. And in so many ways…

If people around us find out, I’m worried about what they’ll say. 

I’m okay but you could get hurt…

단단: 제가 회장님 옆에 있기에는 많이 부족한 사람이라 그런 거죠?

Dan-dan: It’s because I’m not good enough to be by your side, isn’t it?

영국: 박선생 그런 말이 어딨어요? 그런 거 아니에요.

Young-guk: Ms. Park, how could you say that? It’s not that. 

Expression of the Week

그런 말이 어딨어요? (How could you say that?)

어딨어요 – an abbreviated form of 어디 있어요 

Casual – 어딨어

Semi-polite/formal – 어딨어요/어디 있어요?

>> This expression is used by a speaker to mean “That’s not what I meant,” or “Why are you saying such a thing,” in response to the other person’s absurd or rather excessive comment. 

>>In the dialogue, Young-guk is using the expression to tell Dan-dan that he was rather hurt by her comment that she’s not good enough for him. 

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