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Young Lady & Gentleman (4) 멀리 안 나가요



대란: 장여사님 자주 자주 놀러 오세요. 

다음에 올 때는 장교수랑 꼭 같이 오시고요. 

우리 영국이랑 다들 모처럼 좋은 데 가서 식사라도 한번 할까요? 

Dae-ran: Mrs. Jang, come often. Next time, bring Professor Jang with you. Why don’t we get together with Young-gook and go have a nice dinner?

미숙: 식사요? 그럼 제가 자리 한번 마련할게요.

Mi-sook: Dinner? I’ll make the arrangements.  

대란: 오케이! 

Dae-ran: Okay! 

미숙: 그만 들어가세요. 

Mi-sook: Please don’t come out. 

대란: 네 저 멀리 안 나가요. 조심히 가세요. 그럼. 

Dae-ran: Yes, I won’t go far. Be safe on your way back. Good bye.  

미숙: 계세요. 

Mi-sook: Take care. 

Expression of the Week

멀리 안 나가요 (I won’t go far)

멀리 – adv. form of adj. 멀다 which means distant; far-off

Casual – 멀리 안 나가 

Polite – 멀리 안 나가요 

>> This expression is used when two or more people are in a place together, and one (or more) person is leaving. The people who are staying can use this expression to the person who is leaving, saying they won’t go far and say goodbye where they are. 

>>In Korea, this expression is usually used among people that are close as is it usually considered impolite for younger people or hosts to let their guests or elders leave on their own without seeing them off. 

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