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Angel’s Last Mission Love (12) 끄떡없어요

#Drama Lines l 2022-11-21


강우: 괜찮아요? 

Kang-woo: Are you okay? 

연서: 끄떡없어요. 지난 주부턴 조금씩 턴도 돌고 있고요. 

Yeon-seo: I’m fine. I’ve been even doing turns since last week. 

강우: 아니, 마음이요. 

3개월 동안 한 번도 집 밖에 안 나왔잖아요. 

첫 일주일은 방에만 틀어박혀서 내내 울었다면서요. 

남겨진 사람은 남겨진 대로 하루하루를 살아가야죠. 

그것만큼 잔인한 것도 없지만. 

No, your heart. 

You haven’t been outside in three months. 

You cried in your room for the first week. 

The person that’s left must live each day and endure. 

That might be the harshest part.  

연서: 감독님 나는 희망이 있어요. 

Yeon-seo: 아니, 예감 같은 거예요. 단이를 다시 만날 수 있을 거 같다는 예감. 

Kang-woo, I have hope. No, it’s like a feeling. A premonition that I’ll be able to meet Dan again.

Expression of the Week

끄떡없어요. (I’m fine)

끄떡없다 – adj. safe, strong, remaining the same without being shaken in the face of any adversities 

Casual – 끄떡없어 

Polite – 끄떡없어요 

>> This expression is used to indicate that a certain state, situation, or condition is holding up well, regardless of the changes in circumstances. 

>>It can also mean that a person is holding up well despite a major shock or unfortunate event. In the dialogue, Yeon-seo is saying that she is holding up well, despite Dan not being there. 

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