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Angel’s Last Mission Love (10) 내가 지켜줄게



연서: 말 안 들을 거야? 

Yeon-seo: You’re not going to listen to me?

단: 유령이라고 생각하라니까. 

Dan: I told you to just think of me as a ghost.

연서: 천사를 어떻게 유령이라고 생각해!

Yeon-seo: How can I think of an angel as a ghost! 

단: 오늘 밤에 같이 있어 줄까? 

Dan: Should I stay with you tonight?

연서: 뭐라는거야. 미쳤어? 나가, 빨리 나가!

Yeon-seo: What are you saying? Are you crazy? Get out! Now! 

단: 혼자서 괜찮겠어? 다 생각났다며. 그날 옥상 일도 떠오른 거잖아. 

걱정하지 마. 이젠 안 놓쳐. 내가 지켜줄게. 

Dan: Will you be alright on your own? You said you remembered everything. Then you remember what happened that day on the rooftop. Don’t worry. I won’t let you fall. I’ll protect you.

Expression of the Week

내가 지켜 줄게 (I’ll protect you)

지키다 – v. guard, defend

Casual – 지켜 줄게

Polite – 지켜줄게요

>> This expression is used when the hearer is having a hard time or is suffering and the speaker wants to tell them not to worry and that he or she will be by their side. 

>> The verb ‘지키다’ has many meanings, but here, combined with the ‘-ㄹ게’ which is a sentence-final ending used when the speaker is notifying the listener that he/she will do something, it means don’t worry about anything and be at peace because the speaker will take care of everything.


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