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Angel’s Last Mission Love (1) 사람 놀리는 것도 아니고



연서: 됐고, 더 이상 전화 하지 마세요. 대기명단에서 뺄 테니까. 

Yeon-seo: That’s enough. Don’t call anymore. I’m going to take you off the waitlist.  

승완: 선생님, 끊지 마세요. 잠시만요

Seung-wan: Don’t hang up. Please wait.

유미: 두세요. 조비서님 지금 그 꼴로 어딜 가. 

바람 쐬고 오면 좀 나아질 거예요. 나 같아도 열 받지. 

사람 놀리는 것도 아니고 번번히. 

Yoo-mi: Just leave it. You can’t go anywhere like that Mr. Jo.

She’ll feel better after getting some fresh air. I’d be mad too. 

Are they kidding? How can they do this every time? 

승완: 병원부터 가 봐야겠어요.

Seung-wan: I should go to the hospital.

Expression of the Week

사람 놀리는 것도 아니고 (Are they kidding? How could they do this…)

놀리다 – v. make fun of; tease

Casual – 사람 놀리는 것도 아니고

>> This expression is used when the speaker is talking while in a bad mood, especially when someone else has said something outrageous or has done something stupid, or when a joke has offended him or her

>>In the expression ‘사람’ refers to the person who is the subject of that outrageous or stupid thing in question that has upset the speaker. So, in the dialogue, ‘사람’ would refer to the person who is upset, who is Yeon-seo.

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