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Red Shoes (13) 쉬엄쉬엄해요



예은: 너무 잘됐다. 이렇게 빨리 회복돼서. 

Ye-eun: That’s awesome. I’m so glad you’ve recovered so quickly.

소진: 우리가 얼마나 걱정했는데요. 

So-jin: We were so worried.

태하: 권혜빈 과장님도 아직 출근 못 하셔서 썰렁한데, 

팀장님도 안 오니까 진짜 쓸쓸했거든요. 

Tae-ha: It’s been lonely without Ms. Kwon in the office, and it felt really empty without you.

젬마: 오셨어요

Gem-ma: You’re here. 

주형: 일은 바쁘지만 쉬엄쉬엄해요. 무리하지 말구. 

Joo-hyung: You must be busy, but try to take it easy. Don’t over do it. 

Expression of the Week

쉬엄쉬엄해요 (take it easy)

쉬엄쉬엄 – adv. Slowly, in the manner of walking or working without making haste, taking frequent rests

하다 – to do

Casual – 쉬엄쉬엄해

Semi-polite – 쉬엄쉬엄해요

>> This expression is used when someone is doing something in a hurry and the speaker is telling that person not to rush, and to take a break and take it slow

>>쉬엄쉬엄하다 is a verb that combines adverb ‘쉬엄쉬엄’ with the verb ‘하다’. 

>>The adverb 쉬엄쉬엄 can be combined with other verbs such as 일하세요 meaning to work to create ‘쉬엄쉬엄 일하세요’ meaning ‘please take your time while working’.

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