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Red Shoes (12) 한 두 번도 아니고

#Drama Lines l 2022-08-22


희경: 우리 딸은 지금 배신당해서 마음이 아픈 거야. 내가 알아! 내가 겪어봤으니


Hee-kyung: Our daughter is hurting because she’s been betrayed. I know! I’ve gone through it before. 

혁상: 제발 진정 좀 해. 김박사 말대로 혜빈인 정신과 치료 받아야 돼. 

Hyuk-sang: 이게 지금 한 두 번도 아니고.

Control yourself. Dr. Kim is right, Hye-bin needs psychiatric treatment. This isn’t the first time.

희경: 당신은 가만히 있어요. 혜빈인 엄마인 내가 제일 잘 알아. 

내가 고칠 거야. 당신 손도 까딱하지 마요.

You stay out of it. I know Hye-bin best. I’m her mom. I’ll fix her. You don’t do a thing.

Expression of the Week

한 두 번도 아니고 (this isn’t the first time)

한 두 번 – approximately twice

Casual – 한 두 번도 아니고

>> This expression is used to emphasize the seriousness of a situation because it has not occurred just once or twice, but many times.

>>It can also be used by a hearer when a speaker repeats something they do not want to hear over and over.

>>When 한 and 두 have a space in between, 한 does not mean “one” but “approximately”. In other words, 한 두 번 does not mean once or twice, but approximately twice. 

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