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Red Shoes (8) 입조심하래

#Drama Lines l 2022-07-25


태길: 거길 왜 가! 오란다고 가냐 바보처럼?! 

Tae-gil: Why did you go there! Do you go when someone tells you to come like a fool? 

옥경: 난들 가고 싶어서 갔겠냐? 제품 팔 욕심에 간 거지. 

Ok-kyung: Do you think I wanted to go? I wanted to sell the product. 

태길: 그래서 뭐래 그 여편네가? 

Tae-gil: So, what did that wench say? 

옥경: 입조심하래.

Ok-kyung: She told me to watch my mouth. 

태길: 뭐? 

Tae-gil: What? 

옥경: 사고 나던 날, 자기는 차에 없었다고 우기는 거야. 

나더러 잘못 봤대나 어쨌대나.

Ok-kyung: She kept arguing that she wasn’t in the car on the day of the accident. 

She says I was mistaken, or something. 

젬마: 무슨 소리야 엄마? 뭘 잘못 봐요? 

Gem-ma: What are you talking about, Mom? What were you mistaken about?

Expression of the Week

입조심하래 (someone said to watch one’s mouth)

입조심 – n. watching one’s mouth so that rumors don’t spread or things go wrong

-래 – a shortened form of “-라고 해” which is used to convey another person’s order, request etc.

Casual – 입조심하래

Semi-polite – 입조심하래요

>> This expression is used to tell the listener to be careful not to let other people know or gossip about something that is a secret, or to be careful that things do not go wrong by saying something openly wrong.

>>”~래” is a shortened form of “~라고 해” which conveys someone else’s order. In the dialogue, Ok-kyung is using indirect speech to tell Tae-gil what another woman ordered her to do, which was to keep her mouth shut. 

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