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Red Shoes (7) 꿈 깨요



태길: 둘로 깔끔하게 갈라지면 그땐...그땐 우리 

Tae-gil: If this splits into two evenly, then… then we’ll… 

수연: 그땐 뭐요. (마음) 사귀자구? 

Soo-yeon: Then what? (thinks) He’s asking me out? 

태길: 뽀뽀하는 겁니다. 어때요? 

Tae-gil: We’ll kiss. What do you think?

수연: !! (마음) 미쳤나봐!!! 무슨 진도를 마구마구 건너 뛰어?! 아우 진짜. 

Soo-yeon: !! (thinks) He’s crazy! Why is he skipping bases like that! Oh my. 

수연: 아우 몰라! 나 배고파요. 빨리 줘요. 

Soo-yeon: I don’t know. I’m hungry. Hurry and give it to me. 

태길: 그럼 오케이죠? 

Tae-gil: Is that a yes? 

수연: 칫! 꿈 깨요. 어차피 그거, 불량이라 백퍼 부러져요. 

Soo-yeon: Humph! In your dreams. That’s faulty, so it’s going to break anyways.

Expression of the Week

꿈깨요 (In your dreams)

꿈 – vain hope

깨다 – to be awakened, or for one’s mind to be opened in order to get spiritual or intellectual light 

Casual – 꿈깨

Semi-polite – 꿈깨요

>> This idiomatic expression is used to tell the hearer to let go of vain delusions or give up on what they want to achieve. 

>>”꿈” can mean dream but in this expression it means the hopes or ideals that someone wants to realize, or vain expectations or thoughts that have little or no chance of being realized.

>>In the dialogue, Soo-yeon is telling Tae-gil that his hopes of dating her are in vain. 

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