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Red Shoes (6) 웃기지 마



희경: 너 뭐하는 거야. 우리 혜빈이한테 사진을 보여줘? 

니가 이런 식으로 내 목을 죄면 난 가만있을 줄 알았니? 

너 진짜 죽을래? 죽고 싶어?

Hee-kyung: What are you doing? You showed the picture to Hye-bin? Did you think I would stay still if you keep suffocating me like this? Do you want to die? Do you?

젬마: 사진 보여준 적 없어요. 

Gem-ma: I never showed her the picture. 

희경: 웃기지 마. 너야. 니가 사진 보여준 거야.

Hee-kyung: Who are you kidding? It’s you. You showed it to her. 

Expression of the Week

웃기지마 (who are you kidding)

웃기다 – v. to be absurd, for a matter or behavior to be pathetic or shocking

Casual – 웃기지마

Semi-polite – 웃기지마세요

>> This expression is used to indicate that the speaker does not believe what the other person is saying, or thinks what is said is absurd.

>>The expression does not mean “don’t make me laugh”, but the speaker is telling the other person not to joke, saying that their words are nonsense or unbelievable in a negative way.    

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