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It's Beautiful Now (3) 내 손안에 있어


수재:  엄마 주려고 쿠키까지 갖고 왔는데. 엄만 그럴 거야?
I even brought cookies for you. Are you going to stay mad?
경애:  니가 생색내? 그거 유난가 걔가 준거지! 
Why are you taking credit for them? Didn't Yoo-na or whatever her name is give them to you? 
수재: 걔가 줬어도 엄마한테 주는  나잖아.  
Even if she did, I’m the one that’s giving them to you. 
경애: 됐어. 달아! 
No thanks. They’re too sweet. 
수재: 이번엔  달대.  줄까?
She says they’re not sweet this time. Do you want some water?
경애: 괜찮아. 촉촉하다. 목메지 않는데. 
It’s okay. They’re moist. They don’t make me choke up.
수재: 이거 내가 떼?
Should I take this off?
경애: 내가 뗄게. 
I’ll do it. 
수재: 역시 단순해! 수재쿠키에 금세 맘이 풀렸어! 엄만  손안에 있어. 인정?
You’re so easy! The homemade cookies won you over! I have you in the palm of my hand, right?

Expression of the Week
내 손안에 있어  (you’re in the palm of my hand, you’re under my thumb)

손안 - n. inside my hand (palm), figuratively meaning within one’s influence or power 

Semi-polite/polite – 내 손안에 있어요 

>> This expression means that something, such as another person's work or situation, is within the speaker's sphere of influence.
>> “손 안” means within one’s hands, but figuratively it means that it’s within one’s scope of influence or power. 
>>In the dialogue, the mother is upset and the son is trying to make her feel better with homemade cookies. When he says, "You're in the palm of my hand," he's expressing how easy it is for him to make his mother feel better.

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