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The Goblin’s Magic Club (VOD)


Once upon a time in Korea, there lived in a village two brothers.

The younger brother was nice and gentle, but the older one was mean and greedy.

After the older brother kicked him out, the younger brother worked day and night to take care of his widowed mother.

The younger brother, out in the woods to chop some firewood, put some hazelnuts in his pocket and stood up to go home. But it began to rain all of a sudden.

“That looks like a house. I’m going to head over there.” 

It was getting dark outside when he heard a strange sound coming from outside.

“Dokkaebi, dokkaebi, kkaebi, kkaebi, dokkaebi. Let’s have some roasted ribs. Let’s have some japchae.” 

(To be continued)

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