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#Artist Search l 2015-03-25

Debut: 2009

Nam Ji-hyun (leader)
Date of birth : Jan. 9, 1990
Physique: 167 cm, 47 kg
Education: Sangmyung University (BA in Dance Art)

Heo Ga-yoon
Date of birth : May 18, 1990
Physique: 165 cm, 47 kg
Education: Dongguk University (Theatre Studies)

Jeon Ji-yoon
Date of birth : Oct. 15, 1990
Physique: 165 cm, 47 kg
Education: Kyunghee University (Post Modern Music Studies)

Kim Hyun-ah (rap)
Date of birth : Jun. 6, 1992
Physique: 164 cm, 44 kg
Past experience: former member of "Wonder Girls"

Kwon So-hyun (vocal)
Date of birth : Aug. 30, 1994
Physique: 162 cm, 45 kg
Education: Dongguk University (Theatre Studies)
Debut: 2005


The five members of 4minute hit the k-pop scene in 2009. Their name represents that the girls will show you everything they've got within four minutes (the typical length of a song).

Their style is known to be very pop, electro, club, and most of all, addictive. They tend to mix in some retro feeling vibes in their music as well, contrasting themselves from some of the more cute, feminine concept girl groups on the scene. The girls have a strong liveability, showing an almost tomboyish, honest charm.

Member Hyuna has also released solo songs as well as participate in the subunit duo Trouble Maker with Beast's Jang Hyun-seung. Jeon Ji-yoon and Heo Ga-yoon formed another subunit duo called 2Yoon.


-Hot Issue (single, June 15, 2009)
-For Muzik (album, August 28, 2009):
For Muzik, Muzik, Hot Issue, What A Girl Wants, Funny, Don't Wanna Give It To You
-Jingle Jingle (feat. Mario, Ironman) (single, December 2, 2009)
-Creating Love (soundtrack for "Personal Taste", April 14, 2010)
-Hit Your Heart (album, May 19, 2010):
Who's Next (Feat. Beast), HUH, Invitation, I My Me Mine, Bababa, Highlight, Cool And Sure
-Homerun (soundtrack single of "Earth Representative Rolling Stars", November 11, 2010)
-Heart To Heart (album, March 29, 2011):
4minutes Left, Heart to Heart, Sweet Suga Honey!, You Know, Pretending To Not Know
-4minutes Left (album, April 5, 2011): 4minutes Left, Mirror Mirror, Heart To Heart, Sweet Suga Honey!, Pretending To Not Know, You Know, Already Gone, First, Hide And Seek, Bad
-Freestyle (single, August 4, 2011)
-Volume Up (album, April 9, 2012):
Get On The Floor, Volume Up, I'm OK, Say My Name, Femme Fatale, Dream Racer, Black Cat
-Shinsadong Tiger Project Album Super Market (single, August 30, 2012): Over And Over
-Welcome To The School (soundtrack single for "School 2013), December 4, 2012)
-Name Is 4minute (album, April 26, 2013):
What's My Name?, What Is Your Name?, Whatever, Gimme That, Domino
-Is It Poppin? (single, June 28, 2013)
-Only Gained Weight (single, January 20, 2014)
-4minute World (album, March 17, 2014):
Wait A Minute, What Are You Doing Today?, I'll Let You Know, Come In, Thank You :)
-Crazy (album, February 9, 2015):
Crazy, Just Do Verse 1, Make Me Itchy, You Stand Out (feat. Manager), Show Me, Cold Rain

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