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#Artist Search l 2006-04-03

Jinu (Bass, Programming)
Real name : Choi Jin-woo
Date of birth : April 6th, 1971
Debut song : Extravagant Imagination, 1996 (Participated in albums for Lee Seung-hwan, Yoo Hee-yeol)
Nickname : Cheeky Choi
Blood type : A
Hobbies : Electronics repair, shooting video, computer, model making, motorcycling
Talent : Handicraft, shooting
Close celebrities : Lee Seung-hwan, Yoo Hee-yeol

Jo Won-sun (Vocal, keyboard)
Date of birth : July 3rd, 1972
Debut song : Come Closer, 1999 (Performed with rock band “1990's”, participated as vocal, chorusm keyboard in albums for Lee Seung-hwan, Yoon Jong-shin, Yang Hyun-seok)
Blood type : B
Hobbies : Word games, teasing her dog
Talent : Cooking, accessory making, shooting

Lee Sang-soon (Guitar)
Date of birth : August 25th, 1974
Debut : Come Closer, 1999 (Worked as instructor for music school “Rock Artist Club”, former member of band “Baby Blue”)
Nickname : Michael
Blood type : A
Hobbies : Word games, reading comic books, watching videos, shooting, photography

“Roller Coast”, an advocates of Acid Jazz

“Roller Coaster” was formed in 1999 as a 3-member band. Since its debut, the original members, Jinu, Jo Won-sun and Lee Sang-soon are still performing together as a band that advocates acid jazz. Previous to “Roller Coaster”, Jinu had worked together with musicians like Lee Seung-hwan and Yoo Hee-yeol. Jinu also performed as a solo singer and had received quite a lot of interest from pop music lovers. Before debuting as a member of Roller Coaster, Jo Won-sun had participated in albums for Yoon Jong-shin, Lee Hyun-woo and Yang Hyun-seok in the vocal, chorus and keyboard parts. Lee Sang-soon was also already a well-known musician before joining Roller Coaster as a member of a band called “Baby Blue”. Lee also participated in albums for many other artists like Bank and Hong Kyung-min. Roller Coaster was the first ever band in Korea who focused on Acid Jazz. With their cheerful and buoyant music decorated with their attractive sound and style, Roller Coaster has been getting steady attention from the populace since their debut.

Roller Coaster (1st album, 1999) : Bye-Bye, Come Closer, Merry-go-round
An Everyday Affair (2nd album, 2000) : Cheer up, Mr. Kim! Love Virus, A Song for You
Absolute (3rd album, 2002) : Last Scene, Butterfly, Nightmare
Sunsick (4th album, 2004) : SUNSICK, Close to you, I can't hear you, Where is? Flying away
Triangle (5th album, 2006) : Triangle, While I Weep and Smile, Blink Your Eyes Once, I Can’t Hide It, Two People, Overjoyed, Monday Again, After the Tone

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