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It's Beautiful Now (9) 감 떨어졌어요


미래: 이거 잘 포장해 주세요.
Please wrap this well. 
직원: 네. 젊은 남성분한테 드릴 건가 봐요. 고객이에요?
Sure. It must be for a young man. Is it for a client? 
미래: 개인적으로 감사드릴 분께 드릴 거예요.
No. It’s for someone I personally want to thank. 
직원: 남자친구 생겼어요? 아니면 아직 썸?
Do you have a boyfriend? Or did you just start seeing someone?
미래: 아뇨! 왜 그런 생각을 하세요?
No! Why would you think so? 
직원: 감이에요.
It’s just a feeling. 
미래: 감 떨어졌어요.
Well, you’ve lost your touch.  

Expression of the Week
감 떨어졌어요. (lost your touch)
감(感) [n] feeling, sense, a feeling or thought about a certain thing.
떨어지다 [v] to fall or drop 
casual: 감 떨어졌어

>> This expression is used when the speaker feels that the hearer’s ability to grasp a situation has deteriorated a bit and they have lost their touch about something
>> “감” is a feeling or sense about a certain thing, and here it’s used as an ability or sense to intuitively grasp a situation without being told
>> “감” is also the Korean word for persimmon, and the same expression can be used literally when a persimmon has fallen off a tree 

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