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It's Beautiful Now (8) 눈치가 없어


경애: 저녁은 먹었니? 우리는 먹었는데.
Did you have dinner? We already ate. 
유나, 수재: 네! 아니!
Yes! No!
수재: 먹었어.
We did. 
경애: 뭘 먹어? 안 먹었네! 너 유나 말 되게 잘 듣는다. 눈짓하는 거 봤어.
What do you mean? You didn’t eat! You sure listen to Yoo-na well. I saw your eyes.  
수재: 알았으면 넘어가지 엄만 눈치가 없어!
If you knew, you could have just let it go. You’re so tactless
경애: 고마운 줄 알아! 쫄쫄 굶으면 좋겠니! 가뜩이나 유나 긴장했을텐데... 맛있는 거 해줄게. 잠깐만 있어. 
Be thankful! Would you prefer to starve? Yoo-na must have been so nervous. I’ll make something delicious for you. Just wait. 

Expression of the Week
눈치가 없어 (you’re tactless)
눈치 [n] tact; sense; wits 
an ability to understand and know someone's mind or situation even though they have said nothing.
Semi-polite/polite – 눈치가 없어요 

>> This phrase is used when the other person does or says something that is not tactful, or clueless of what’s going on around them 
>> In the dialogue, the son is playfully reprimanding his mother for being tactless when they were tactfully trying to tell her that they’d already eaten to save her trouble 
>>We can say “눈치가 없어” to someone is tactless, can’t take a hint or is oblivious to their surroundings 

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