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Young Lady & Gentleman (11) 입이 안 떨어지네



단단: 큰사모님 제 방까진 어쩐 일이세요?

Dan-dan: What brings you to my room? 

대란: 내가 박선생한테 꼭 할 얘기가 있어서 올라왔는데 

막상 말하려니까 입이 안 떨어지네

Dae-ran: I had something I needed to say to you, but now that I’m here, I’m having a hard time spitting it out.

단단: 무슨 얘기신지...

Dan-dan: I don’t know what you mean…

대란: 그게 그러니까 저기 

짐 싸가지고 오늘 이 집에서 박선생이 나가는 게 좋겠어. 

Dae-ran: It’s…I mean…

I think you should pack your bags and leave this house today.

단단: 네? 갑자기 그게 무슨 말씀이세요?

Dan-dan: What? What do you mean?

대란 조실장이 아이를 가졌어 영국이 아이.

Dae-ran: Ms. Jo is pregnant. She has Young-guk’s child.

단단: 아...아이요? 지금 그게 무슨?

Dan-dan: His child? What on earth?

Expression of the Week

입이 안 떨어지네 (I’m having a hard time spitting it out.)

떨어지다 – v. be uttered; be said; for words to be uttered 

Casual – 입이 안 떨어지네 

Semi-polite/formal – 입이 안 떨어지네요 

>> This expression is used when the speaker is trying to say something, but the words are not coming out easily because they have bad news, or they are worried about something.

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