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Young Lady & Gentleman (3) 나도 양심이 있지



연실: 대범이 너 지금 무슨 소리 하는 거야? 

너도 집 나가겠단 거야?

대범아 정말로 나가려고? 너까지 이러면 어떡해?

Yeon-sil: Dae-beom, what are you saying? Are you saying you’re leaving, too? You’re really going to leave? You can’t be like this, too. 

대범: 엄마 나도 양심이 있지. 단단이가 나갔는데 내가 무슨 양심으로 집에 있어. 

엄마 나 꼭 성공해서 돌아올테니까. 아프지말고.

Dae-beom: Mom, I have a conscience. Dandan is gone. I can’t stay here without feeling guilty. I’m going to succeed and come back. Take care of yourself until I do.  

연실: 대범아. 대범아 안 돼 니가 갈 데가 어디 있다고!

Yeon-sil: Dae-beom. Dae-beom, no! Where will you go? 

Expression of the Week

나도 양심이 있지 (I have a conscience)

양심 – n. conscience; the attitude of trying to speak and act righteously in accordance with one’s own principles about right and wrong

Casual – 나도 양심이 있지

>> This expression is used by a speaker to indicate that they know the action or behavior they are about to do is not honorable.

>> On the flip side, a speaker can use the expression “너는 양심도 없니?” in the question form when they feel the other person’s action or words are selfish or inappropriate.  

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