“Buckwheat Flower, a Lucky Day, and Spring”: Korean short stories resurrected as animation films
A small but meaningful press conference was held at a theater for independent films in downtown Seoul on August 6th. Here’s director of the animated film, Ahn Jae-hoon안재훈, to tell us more about the special...
How Korea celebrates Chuseok

How Korea celebrates Chuseok  open the window of AOD


Polished green zucchinis, eggplants ripened to dark purple, fat cabbages, chili peppers and cucumbers … all these fresh vegetables are displayed in...

Renewed interest in Admiral Yi Sun-sin

Renewed interest in Admiral Yi Sun-sin  open the window of AOD


Around this time of the year, when fall semester stars at schools, large bookstores in Seoul are stocked to the brim with study guides and reference...

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