Sinchon Play Bus
On a Saturday afternoon in December there is a concert underway at Star Plaza on Yonsei Avenue in western Seoul. There’s an event here every weekend and holiday, but this concert is a bit different and special. It’s...
Hottest Webtoon-based TV Dramas and Films

Hottest Webtoon-based TV Dramas and Films  open the window of AOD


The most talked-about TV show these days is “Misaeng,” which is aired on a cable network. Translated into “Incomplete Life,” the show is...

Amazing street food of Korea

Amazing street food of Korea  open the window of AOD


A woman grabs a skewered fish cake as soon as she steps out of the cold and into a cozy pojangmacha, a tented food stall on wheels. A big smile...

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  • The weekly program Korean Cuisine will select 52 popular hansik dishes, will offer a unique story behind the food's origin, information on the ingredients, as well ...


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