Sangwon-sa Temple in Odae-san Mountain in eastern Korea is famous for its depository of Buddha’s crystalline remains called “sari.” But unless you are a devout Buddhist, Buddha’s relic wouldn’t interest you as...
Bamboo musical instruments

Bamboo musical instruments


There are many musical instruments from prehistoric eras made of animal bones. The Korean Central History Museum in Pyongyang has a Bronze Age bone...

Cheongmyeong & Hansik

Cheongmyeong & Hansik


Cheongmyeong is a day in the vernal cycle, when the winter cold is said to dissipate and bright, warm sunshine comes to stay for the spring. By the...

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Let's Learn Korean with KBS
  • Let's Learn Korean with KBS
  • KBS World Radio, the overseas broadcas- ting branch of the Korean Broadcasting System, South Korea, has released an application for people who want to ...


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