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Hello, we are “Ace of Angel”, AOA.

We are back with our first full-length album featuring two title tracks, “Excuse Me” and “Bing Bing”. “Excuse Me” is a retro style dance song with a cute verse saying, “Excuse me, could I have your number?”. “Bing Bing” is a sexy pop dance song that describes love as “bing bing (*round and round)”, making it highly addictive.

This question is from Olivetan in Indonesia. Out of your two title tracks, which do you think matches AOA’s concept the most?

Choa We are called “Concept-dols”, aren’t we? Though we may individually think we match one concept over the other, I want to answer that we match both equally well.

This is from Phuong Vy in Vietnam. Were there moments you wanted to give up while you were trainees? If you didn’t become AOA, what do you think you would’ve been doing now?

Seol-hyun We were on such strict diets while trainees that I think there were times we wanted to give up then. We’re doing so well now that we’re glad we didn’t give up back then. I don’t think we could’ve NOT become AOA. This is our destiny! Even if we were to be born again, we would become AOA!

This is from Sha-sha in Indonesia. I heard Ji-min has a nickname called “Shinchi-myung”. What does that mean?

They say I’m deadly… The fans and reporters take a lot of pictures of me and if you look at some of the ones posted up, I look very…lethal. So a lot of fans started calling me “Chi-myungee” (“Chi-myung” means deadly/lethal). In this album, in the song “Bing Bing”, there are even lyrics that say, “Born with this deadliness”. I’m Shinchi-myung.

This is from Sasaki Yuzi in Japan. Please introduce your pets if you have any.

Mina I have a big puppy that's a labrador retriever! I have a big dog named Mochi. She’s only two years old. She gained a lot of weight so I’m exercising her a lot. Please show Mochi lots of love.

Choa I think I’m the only one in AOA that doesn’t have a pet. I like them all. I like dogs, I like cats…I just don’t think I can take proper care of one right now. If I get a little more free, I do want to get a dog or cat.

This is from Enza Lee in Germany. AOA is getting very popular overseas too. Any plans for a world tour?

Choa We haven’t done much promotions overseas, but fans still have been showing us so much love. We’re so grateful. We will work harder so we can eventually hold a world tour.

Hyejung We will be holding a concert on March 11th at 6 PM at Olympic Hall. We hope to eventually hold a concert overseas as well.

   We are currently working hard to promote “Excuse Me” and “Bing “Bing”. We are also preparing
   for our solo concert this March. We hope to have lots of activities this year.

KBS World Radio listeners, this has been AOA. Thank you!

*AOA’s Yuna was not able to attend the interview due to her leg injury.

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