What's New in Version 1.0.3
(Android), 1.0.4(iOS)

  • 2014.12.16 Update
  • - Support for iOS 9 / Android 2.3.3
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1. On-Air Channel

  • Win.K 24 : 24-hr streaming service in English (replacing 24-hr Ch)
  • Win.K 11 : 24-hr streaming service in 11 languages (replacing Ch2)
  • Win.K MUSIC : Streaming service for music programs in 11 languages (replacing Music Player)
  • Win.K KPOP+ : New streaming service for Internet-only K-Pop music programs in Chinese, Arabic, Indonesian and Spanish

2. Schedule

Provides broadcast times for each language on Win.K 11, Win.K MUSIC and Win.K KPOP+

3. Listen Again

Listen again to the latest special programs and past programs for each language.

4. Favorite

Favorite On-Air channels can be bookmarked.

International broadcaster of South Korea, providing a variety of accurate and up-to-date programs and news in 11 languages.


* Languages : English, Korean, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese
* Requirements : Requirements : iOS 6.0, Android 3.0 or later
* Support : rki@kbs.co.kr


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